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COALITION: a group formed when people agree to work together temporarily in a partnership to achieve a common goal. The word coalition connotes a coming together to achieve a goal.

I became fully aware, after sitting in on one too many panel discussions about the negotiations of athlete sponsorship, that if we simply sit in a room and agree on everything…nothing will get done. We will never move forward.

As I sat in the audience of a panel discussion last summer and listened to Julia German speak. I was blown away by her knowledge, questions, and confidence. She was strong, yet soft and overflowing with excitement at the possibilities that were before us. I knew what I wanted to do and was fortunate enough to know what my strengths and weaknesses would be. It was obvious by listening to Julia that she was to be the other half.

I stood up and left that meeting and sent an email from the parking lot immediately following the discussion. “Are you in? This is what I’m going to start. I’m doing this and I want you with me. Please say yes!” “Yes. Hell yes! Let’s do this”. And that was that. Julia would be the Mike to my Ike.

A chance meeting led us to Susan Helm-Murtagh a few short weeks later. Within the first five minutes of meeting Susan, Julia and I found ourselves sitting there looking at each other as if to say “Have we found our missing piece?”. Susan had recently moved to Colorado from North Carolina. An avid cyclist heavily involved in the cycling community with a background in teaching business at the collegiate level, Susan would become an invaluable team member as well as a friend and mentor.

There is a lot to how this unfolds and nothing but good stuff to come down the pipeline as we introduce just what this The Athletes’ Coalition (TAC) is all about. But for now, please meet our team.

Our Team

Meet the team behind The Athletes’ Coalition

Kelly Bailey Newlon

Kelly Bailey Newlon

President and Founder

Kelly is the chef/co-owner of RAD Boulder/Real Athlete Diets in Boulder, CO. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and Purdue University, Kelly is also an ultra runner and deeply connected to the endurance sports community and Outdoor Industry. Kelly will serve as the President of TAC.
Julia German

Julia German

Vice-President and Founder

Julia is an attorney focusing on contract law, business transactions, and contract enforcement. Julia is an ultra runner and a climber and is deeply embedded in the Boulder running community. Julia will serve as the Vice President of TAC.
Susan Helm-Murtagh

Susan Helm-Murtagh

Secretary and Founder

Susan is a former senior health industry executive; she now teaches leadership and strategic planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and serves as the board chair for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). She also provides executive coaching to senior leaders and consulting services to non-profit organizations. Susan is a cyclist, runner, and multi-sport athlete. Susan will serve as the Secretary of TAC.

The Athletes’ Coalition

Helping athletes find their strongest voice and build their most promising careers.

“You could be great you know, it’s all here in your head.”