Kind Words About TAC

“Ultimate Direction works with more than two dozen ambassadors. They are great athletes and better people. We choose to work with athletes who commit to the values of our brand. The Athletes Coalition has been an indispensable resource for advising and recommending a code of conduct that our athletes must agree to in their Ultimate Direction contract. It is a dynamic time for athletes with the expectation that social media and brand representation exists in real time with few barriers or gatekeepers to consistently ensure their messaging is flawless. TAC helped us create a very modern and up to the minute code of conduct that we can rely on to protect our brand image and values.”

Craig Randall

Marketing Manager, Ultimate Direction

“I only have major gratitude and kudos to express for the helpful folks at The Athletes’ Coalition. Thanks to TAC, my career as a professional runner has been launched and has a rock-solid foundation. With their expert guidance, I’ve created partnerships with brands I believe in, traveled to extremely competitive races around the world, and taken further steps in building a career around what I’m most passionate about – running. I can’t recommend them highly enough for their guidance and expert support!”

Patrick Caron

Professional Runner

“I am thrilled that The Athletes’ Coalition is up and running.  As a former professional mountain bike racer, I could have used an ally, such as The Athletes’ Coalition, in my quest for sponsorship and support.  Most professional athletes are young adults who have no experience to help them navigate the world of contracts, sponsorship, and life after competition.  The Athletes Coalition is just the vehicle to ensure that these young people are represented both during and after their competitive lives.  It will enable them to get the support they need from companies who sponsor them as well as help launch them into their future careers.  I look forward to seeing all of the hard working athletes become amazing leaders with the help of The Athletes’ Coalition.”

Ann Trombley

Former Professional Mountain Bike Racer

“Making negotiations regarding my worth to a sponsor often feels uncomfortable and confusing when I don’t know what a good deal is. I’m also someone who wants to make the person I’m talking to happy, which has often meant that I sold myself short instead of asking for more. Having TAC has been invaluable to me for these reasons, especially because I know they truly want the best for me. There have been a few instances where a quick email from Kelly made me feel like a huge weight was instantly lifted off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on what I love doing – actually running! Happy Trails!”

Sandi Nypaver

Professional Runner

“The Athletes Coalition has a passion for elevating the lives of Athletes which is unparalleled. As a masters athlete whose avocation is to give back to the running community which has given so much to me, my relationship with TAC has given my work wings. With their expert guidance and support, I feel that manifesting my dream to empower and elevate girls, boys, and women through my club, camps, and coaching is coming into focus. The service and guidance they have provided me has validated my lifelong effort to “give back,” but also added a much-needed dose of sound (and protective) business advice which many of us who “lead with our hearts” need. I am constantly amazed and humbled by the generosity and pure passion the TAC has and wants to give, to make the athletics world one of joy, success, and integrity for all.”

Melody Fairchild

Professional Runner and Coach

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